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6 Greatest Restorative Yoga Poses for Rookies (and Its Advantages)

Restorative Yoga is totally different from different yoga types as it’s fairly light and focuses on releasing rigidity from the physique and thoughts. You keep in a pose for longer than 5 minutes and go on as much as half-hour at a time. 

The poses practiced on this yoga model releases anti-stress and anti-anxiety hormones that may sluggish your coronary heart price and respiratory. This ensures that your physique resets, will get rejuvenated, and refreshed.

The perfect a part of this yoga model is that it may be carried out by anybody wherever. You should utilize a wide range of props equivalent to a chair, wall, straps, ropes, cushions, pillows, blocks, bolsters, blankets, books, eye masks, and so on to help your pose.

One other distinguishing issue is that in case you are affected by a persistent sickness or are recovering from an harm, practising restorative yoga is protected. 

Preserving the entire above in thoughts, allow us to take a look at among the poses you can carry out.

Earlier than you start!

You should utilize a yoga mat or a cushioned blanket to carry out restorative yoga poses. In any of the reclining or mendacity down poses, you can even use a watch pillow or eye masks, because it helps some individuals with getting grounded and relaxed. Additionally, these poses ought to be practiced for no less than 5-7 minutes and if it helps, hold a timer subsequent to you.

Restorative yoga is sort of sluggish in motion between the poses so it doesn’t generate any inside warmth therefore it’s suggested that you simply hold an additional blanket beside you to cowl your self or put on an additional layer of clothes.

1. Little one’s Pose – Calms the Thoughts

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Little one pose is commonly really helpful for learners because it creates a second of relaxation within the physique. In restorative yoga model, it’s carried out with the help of props so it may launch rigidity from the decrease again and head. It supplies a mild stretch to the hamstrings, hips, thighs, and ankles.

Because you place the top above the guts, this pose will increase the blood circulation in direction of the top. This helps in calming the mind and decreasing stress.

It may be a bit difficult as one has to bend ahead over the knees and compress the abdomen. Nevertheless, in the event you use props, it may turn out to be extraordinarily enjoyable.

The best way to Do it?

  • On a yoga mat, sit in your knees. Your large toes ought to be touching and be seated within the heels. Unfold your knees hip-width aside.
  • Place a bolster or a stack of blankets between your internal thighs and fold ahead to put your torso on prime of it. You should utilize a rolled towel, pillow, or folded blanket to maintain below the again of the thighs for extra help.
  • Place your head on prime of the bolster to maintain it in step with the backbone. You probably have positioned your cheeks, just be sure you hold altering the perimeters to keep away from stiffness. 
  • If the bolster’s size is brief, place a stack of blocks the place you’ll be able to relaxation your brow. You possibly can hold your fingers beside you or stretch in entrance of you.

Preserve this pose for no less than 5 minutes or for so long as you want and hold taking deep breathes. 

2. Reclining Sure Angle Pose – Aids in Weight Loss

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The Reclined Sure Angle is an efficient chest and hip opener restorative yoga pose. On this pose, you bend the knees and convey your ft near your groin; it stimulates and stretches your groin, internal thighs, and knees. By releasing the stress within the hips, you’re additionally decreasing stress, nervousness, gentle melancholy, as it’s stated that rigidity and stress get accrued within the hips.

Some could discover the stretch too excessive. They’ll use props equivalent to folded blankets, blocks, cushions to help your head, thighs, and knees.

The best way to Do it?

  • Lie down in your yoga mat with a folded blanket below your head, with the fold supporting the neck. For a extra elevated torso, you’ll be able to place a bolster lengthwise on two blocks. Modify the blocks in a manner that offers a reclining place and lie down on the bolster.
  • Bend your knees on the perimeters and convey your ft collectively on the soles. Over right here, you’ll be able to place blocks below every knee, cushions below the thighs, and a folded blanket below your hips.
  • Preserve your fingers at your sides with palms up or on prime of your chest. To reinforce the opening of the chest, you’ll be able to place a pillow or folded blanket below your chest.

Maintain this pose for 10 minutes or for as lengthy you need.

3. Supported Fish Pose – Boosts Immune System

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One other chest opener, the fish pose is a superb strategy to open your coronary heart and lungs. It is likely one of the finest restorative poses for individuals who have desk jobs or keep hunched over their desks. It offers you a mild backbend which additionally improves the operate of the nervous system. 

With such advantages, it aids within the betterment of the immune system as properly. You possibly can simply transition to this pose from the Reclined Sure Angle Pose.

The best way to Do it?

  • Place a bolster lengthwise, a stack of folded blankets or pillows. Lie down such that your head and higher chest are supported by the props.
  • It’s also possible to add a blanket below your hips. Place extra folded blankets or blocks to help your shoulders blades.
  • Preserve your legs collectively and stretch them straight or with a slight bend on the knees.
  • Your fingers may be positioned beside your physique, on prime of your chest, or bent on the elbows with palms up.
  • If you’re somebody who’s comfy with weights, place sandbags in your pelvis, stomach, and/or thighs.

Keep on this pose for not less than 10 minutes or so long as you need and focus in your respiratory.

4. Supported Bridge Pose – Lowers Blood Strain

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The Bridge Pose is a kind of poses that prompts the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). The PNS is liable for our physique’s “relaxation and digest” mode the place it helps our organs resume their routine actions after a traumatic or emotional episode.

By supported bridge pose, you’ll be able to increase your entrance and stretch your hip flexors. It helps enhance blood circulation, lowers blood stress, and reduces stress and rigidity.  You possibly can simply carry out this pose quickly after the supported Fish Pose.

The best way to Do it?

  • Lie utterly in your again and unfold your legs hip-width aside. Bend your knees in order that your decrease legs are perpendicular to the ground and are ft are firmly positioned on the mat.
  • With assist of your hamstrings and core muscular tissues, elevate your hips off the ground. Place a prop of your selection equivalent to one or two folded blankets, bolster, a stack of books, block, cushions, or pillows below your sacrum. The prop ought to ideally be supporting your decrease again and tailbone.
  • Moreover, you can even place a rolled blanket below your head. 

If you happen to really feel that you’re unable to carry your legs, you’ll be able to bind them flippantly with a strap on the thighs. 

Preserve your fingers unfold in your sides or within the cactus place with palms going through up.

Maintain this place for 5-10 minutes or so long as you are feeling comfy.

5. Legs-up-the-wall Pose – For Pregnant Ladies

In order for you a pose that offers your ft and legs some reduction, that is a kind of poses. By placing your legs increased than your coronary heart, you’re reversing your power circulate and blood circulation. It additionally ensures that your total physique is getting reenergized with this circulate. 

This pose can be useful in case you are feeling jet-lagged or fatigued. 

Since most yoga poses should be averted by pregnant ladies resulting from apparent causes, this pose may be simply carried out. It helps in decreasing swelling in your ft and ankles and water retention in your physique, which happens within the majority of pregnant women.  

The best way to Do it?

  • Place the shorter finish of the yoga mat near the wall. Preserve a large surfaced bolster, cushion, pillow, or folded blanket to help your hips.
  • On the alternative finish of the mat, place a folded blanket or pillow to your head.
  • Lie on the left or the fitting facet of the props in a fetal place. Roll again on the props and straighten your legs upwards to relaxation on the wall. You will have to scoot to regulate your place as per your consolation.
  • If you’re closely pregnant or expertise discomfort whereas mendacity utterly in your again, place a stack of blankets, cushions, or pillows behind your higher again to raise at an angle. Make use of as many props as you’ll be able to to get comfy.
  • It’s also possible to use a chair to position your legs as a substitute of the wall.
  • Unfold your fingers to the facet together with your fingers unfold, place them straight beside you or on prime of your stomach.

You possibly can maintain this place for so long as you need however ensure that to carry it for not less than 5 minutes.

To come back out of this pose, bend your knees and gently roll in your facet to come back again to the fetal place.

6. Savasana – The Final Enjoyable Pose

Even with out props, the corpse pose is useful in a lot of methods. Although it’s usually carried out on the finish of the session, it will also be accomplished when taking a relaxation throughout transitioning from poses. 

It will also be termed as an all-rounder pose because it helps in decreasing stress, nervousness, and rigidity calms the thoughts, relaxed the physique, improves the standard of sleep, lowers blood stress, enhances the circulate of prana, and so on.

The best way to Do it?

Lie down in your again together with your legs stretched out. Use a pillow or a cushion below your head, a bolster or folded blanket below your knees and ankles to maintain your legs in a straight line.

Unfold your arms beside you and give up your weight on the props. Place a pillow or bolster below your thighs you probably have again ache.

It’s also possible to place sandbags in your chest, stomach, pelvis, thighs, and decrease legs in the event you really feel comfy. Right here you should utilize a blanket to cowl your self to additional induce rest.

Lie utterly nonetheless for not less than 5-10 minutes and focus in your respiratory.


The above sequence may be therapeutic, grounding, calming and an total deal with to your physique and thoughts. It’s going to rejuvenate your physique by specializing in enhancing your psychological and physiological capabilities. With a contemporary thoughts and energized physique, it is possible for you to to tackle any challenges life throws at you with ease.



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