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A seperate endurance.

I got the chance to run a tiny bit later in the morning yesterday, so I took it!  Eight miles @ 8:20 pace yesterday and a speed workout on the schedule today.

IMG 2931

(Top, leggings, shoes). 

Why wear one Elsa dress when you could wear two at the same time?

IMG 2930

Brooke had pajama day at school, which she was excited about… There is just something so freeing about comfy clothes!

IMG 2924

We hung out at home making messes. 

IMG 2957

We also played sled dogs for quite some time.

IMG 2972

Brooke had parent-teacher conferences!

IMG 2967

I had leftover pizza with a salad for lunch and dinner.  

IMG 2974

Have you ever tried this?  Please do not walk by this at Costco without buying it.  I love to store it in the fridge too.

IMG 2894

Every now and then I just need a good thriller and so I just started this.

IMG 2468

I’ve decided that the treadmill truly requires a different type of endurance.  

I’m currently at the point in my training where I can run tenish miles outside pretty regularly, but when I got on the treadmill last week, I pushed stop at 3.34 miles.  I just couldn’t hang.  I have run a marathon on the treadmill in the past and many 20 milers, but that treadmill endurance is long gone.  I’m convinced you need to build up a specific endurance (in addition to normal endurance) to run long distances on the treadmill.  It is so easy to push the stop button on the treadmill (harder to stop outside because you are usually a few miles away), and you have to build up the endurance of not hitting that big red button and plopping on your couch mid-run. 

The fun part of running (I’m saying this sarcastically) —> It doesn’t matter how many times you have done something in the past or how hard you have worked on your endurance/speed, if you don’t keep up with it… it is GONE so fast.

Screen Shot 2022 02 08 at 1 18 38 PM

Flashback to high treadmill endurance days and our little setup together.  

IMG 0371


Where is your treadmill endurance right now?

This question is for my friend… She has narrow feet and high arches, what road running shoes should she try out?  

Favorite event to watch in the Winter Olympics?

How much do you love leftovers?

-It brings me so much joy knowing I have leftovers waiting for me.



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