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Crispy Oven-Roasted Garlic Herb Potatoes

Mini potatoes are seasoned with garlic, thyme and rosemary, then roasted in the oven until they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. These easy Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes will be your new favorite side dish!

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A large bowl filled with mini garlic herb roasted potatoes on a granite countertop

Easy Oven-Roasted Potatoes with Garlic & Herbs

There’s nothing like biting into a freshly roasted potato with crispy skin and a soft, fluffy interior. Typically, baked potatoes take about an hour to cook, but these mini potatoes are done roasting in just 20 minutes! Before they’re ready for the oven, they’re partially boiled to keep their insides extra fluffy and prepare their skin for maximum crispiness.

You can season your baked potatoes however you’d like, but I usually go for a crave-worthy combination of minced garlic and fresh herbs. Whatever route you take, they’re sure to go great with any and every main course you pair them with. Dinner is always delicious when these oven-roasted potatoes are involved!

A metal spatula lifting up some crispy oven-baked potatoes from a baking sheet

What You’ll Need

This fail-proof side dish comes together with just a handful of ingredients. Here’s the rundown:

  • Mini Yellow Potatoes: They should each be about 1 inch in diameter.
  • Garlic: Freshly minced.
  • Fresh Herbs: Finely chopped. I use equal parts thyme and rosemary.
  • Olive Oil: This helps the seasoning blend stick to the potatoes.
  • Salt & Pepper: Added to taste.

What Kind of Potatoes Should I Use?

I like using mini yellow potatoes for this recipe, but you can reach for any small potatoes that you have on hand. If they’re smaller than 1 inch in diameter, they won’t take as long to par-boil and bake. If your potatoes are larger, they’ll need more time to cook, so adjust accordingly.

Minced garlic, chopped thyme and chopped rosemary on a white plate

How to Make Crispy Oven-Roasted Potatoes

These garlic-herb potatoes are super easy to make, but it’s important to be careful when you’re boiling and baking them. Handle hot potatoes with tongs and do not stick your hand into the oven to flip them without wearing a protective mitt.

Boil Water: Add the whole potatoes to a large pot, then pour in enough water to completely cover all of the potatoes. Bring the water to a boil.

Mini potatoes being boiled in a large metal saucepan

Par-Boil Potatoes: Cook the potatoes for 10 minutes, or until they’re fork tender. Drain the water carefully.

Heat Oven: Preheat the oven to 400ºF.

Season Potatoes: Place the par-boiled potatoes into a bowl. Add the rosemary, thyme, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss to coat all of the potatoes in the seasoning blend.



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