Saturday, May 21, 2022
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I have invested way too much.

I needed a non-running/cardio day, and I opted for yoga at home instead.

(Tank, leggings, shoes, mat)

I did make the rookie mistake of attempting yoga with Beck and Skye awake.  There were about 30 seconds total when they weren’t climbing on me, making the twenty minutes very exciting.


Skye was not happy that Beck kept trying to take over her mat.

FullSizeRender 1

Skye has shavasana perfected.

IMG 3509

PS I see a lot of Flare leggings around lately.  My first pair of leggings ever were flared like this one below, but I am not sure I will go back to them because as Andrew says, I have invested way too much money into all of the leggings I already have and probably don’t need any more;). Plus, I’m guessing these would be hard to run in?!  Any thoughts?

Add some flare to your wardrobe

It was gymnastics day for Skye.

IMG 3516

On average, Skye asks for my nephew to come over 54 times.  Yesterday was her lucky day.

IMG 3520

Andrew and I decided some weeks call for two date nights…

We had both been craving one of these bowls.  I want to eat here every single day of my life.

IMG 3535

Bowls Superfoods is right by the indoor track at BYU, so we decided to walk around in there for a few minutes (Utah dramatically went back to winter again, so a walk outside was not going to happen).

I attempted my first (and last) hurdle… how do people do these?

IMG 3530

And we watched a guy run barefoot for a while, which is not something my feet will EVER let me do.

IMG 3524

Off to do a speed workout and wishing that my run ended like this again…

IMG 2837

PS my race is coming up, and as I was looking at the race website, this picture freaked me out.  I will stay very, very far away from the buffalo.

Screen Shot 2022 02 16 at 6 10 29 PM


Flare leggings… for you or not your thing?

Any fashion trends (running or regular clothes) that aren’t for you?

Have you ever run barefoot for longer than a mile?

Anyone else have a race in March?  Which one?



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