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I’ve too many management variables…which of them ought to I embrace in my regression mannequin? – Healthcare Economist

Supposed you’ve gotten some knowledge on well being care spending for various people and also you need to know which affected person traits enhance well being care spending. Whereas this looks like one thing any well being economist may do, measuring the connection require each realizing (i) which impartial variables to incorporate in your knowledge evaluation and (ii) their practical type. Choice (i) might be decided primarily based on earlier research and medical consultants, however even that’s imperfect. Level (ii) could be very tough to decipher. Is there a data-driven strategy to accomplish this?

A paper by Belloni, Chernozhukov, and Hansen (2014) proposes utilizing post-double-selection (PDS) to establish related controls and their practical type. Think about the case the place we need to mannequin the next:

yi = g(wi)+ ςi

the place


The Belloni paper treats g(w) as a high-dimensional, roughly linear mannequin the place:

g(wi) = Σj=1 to Pjxi,j+rp,i)

Observe that within the Belloni framework, it’s potential for the variety of management variables (P) be bigger than the variety of observations (N). How are you going to have extra regressors than outcomes? Principally as a result of Belloni requires the causal relationship to be roughly sparse which means that out of the P management variables, solely s of them are totally different from 0 the place s ≪ n.

Belloni proposes figuring out these s necessary variables utilizing a Least Absolute Shrinkage and Choice Operator (LASSO) mannequin from Frank and Friedman (1993) as follows:

Beneath LASSO, coefficients are chosen to reduce the sum of the squared residuals plus a penalty time period that penalizes the dimensions of the mannequin via the sum of absolute values of the coefficients. The time period λ is the penalty degree which supplies the diploma to which one penalizes the variety of variables with non-zero (or very small) coefficients. Papers similar to Belloni et al. (2012) and Belloni et al. (2016) present some affordable estimates for the worth of λ. The gamma coefficients are the “penalty loadings” which purpose to insure equivariance of coefficient estimates to rescaling of x. As an illustration, if one variable was education on a scale from 1 to 16 and one other variable was revenue in {dollars}, a 1 yr enhance in education is way greater order of magnitude enhance than a $1 enhance in annual revenue. The penalty loadings purpose to right for this disparity. The authors word that:

The penalty operate within the LASSO is particular in that it has a kink at 0, which he penalty operate within the LASSO is particular in that it has a kink at 0, which leads to a sparse estimator with many coeffiesults in a sparse estimator with many coefficients set precisely to zero.

One of many issues with the LASSO method, nonetheless, is that the ensuing coefficients are biased in direction of zero. The method proposed by Belloni is to make use of post-Lasso estimation utilizing the next two-step method:

First, LASSO is utilized to find out which variables might be dropped from the standpoint of prediction. Then, coefficients on the remaining variables are estimated through unusual least squares regression utilizing solely the variables with nonzero first-step estimated coefficients. The Submit-LASSO estimator is handy to implement and…works in addition to and infrequently higher than LASSO when it comes to charges of convergence and bias.

Extra element is within the paper and there are a number of empirical examples as effectively. Do learn the entire research.

Additional, a latest paper by Kugler et al. (2021) printed final month used the Belloni method of their research to look at the impression of wage expectations on the choice to turn into a nurse.



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