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Life Lately… | The Hungry Runner Girl

(Leggings, shoes, long-sleeve, headband)

Day five of Skye’s RSV was a bit better (she ate some food wahooo) than the first four days.   Thank you for the comments yesterday, I read them to her!

At about 9 a.m. when she was taking a nap, I headed out for a much-needed run after not leaving the house for a few days in a row.

Stress lowered √

Adventuring needs met √

Fresh air requirements √

IMG 0291

Let’s talk about some highlights since we last caught up….

*Welcome to our Peloton’s new home… Our garage got too cold to keep it in there, so it will be in our laundry room now until March.  Although I love that I can Peloton while watching the kids play in front of me, this may be a permanent move.

IMG 0263

(Tank, shorts, bra)

Oh, and before you think my laundry room normally looks clean, the above picture was taken minutes after we finally put away six loads of laundry.  But maybe riding the Peloton in the laundry room will inspire us to put away laundry more often.

IMG 0259

*The big kids were in heaven Christmas morning.

IMG 0148

*All Beck needed for Christmas were the boxes and one of these pop-it toys.  He found great entertainment in this little thing.

IMG 0138

*Oh, and he was pretty excited about some new cars.

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*Andrew was thrilled to receive this combo of his idea of heaven from the kids.

IMG 0153

*My brother was very excited about his Christmas present this year.

IMG 0152

*Our traditional cinnamon rolls happened…


I’ll use this recipe forever.

IMG 0150

*I think this might be a new tradition for us on Christmas.  Thai food at home!

IMG 0156

*Brooke got a sewing machine for Christmas and made a pillow within 30 minutes of opening the box.  She has wanted a sewing machine for so long, and it is so fun to see her enjoying it.

IMG 0157

*Skye has been a champ getting through this, and things like this make me so incredibly grateful for the healthy days.

IMG 0281


Put holiday decorations away fast or wait a bit of time?

-Right away for us… and then our house always feels so empty afterward.

Do you sew?

-I can do basic things with the sewing machine, so in a few months, I’m guessing I will need to get Brooke into sewing lessons with a teacher that knows a lot more than I do!

What recipe have you used more than any other recipe in your life?

If you have workout equipment at home, where do you keep it?

-Most of the time in our garage, but for a few months, it’s just too chilly in there.



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