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Sissy’s Kitchen Remodel! | The Hungry Runner Girl

I’m back again!  Then it will be a few more years until you hear from me because that’s how long it takes me to remodel ;). Before we get to the remodel, a few more family pictures.  It is so weird to post family pictures without my oldest, so let’s pretend we don’t notice the photoshop fail 🙂

Merged picture

I have another driver!

IMG 9982

I feel like most remodeling shows only depict the super fun parts of remodeling….like demolition, design choices, and the big reveals.  This is what a lot of remodeling looks like, the tedious work of filling in a million nail holes ;(. My least favorite part!

IMG 7147

Now for the kitchen reveal!  Before

IMG 3435

After!  As you can see, I took out the wall (not load-bearing) between the dining room and kitchen.


After.  This kitchen is one of my greatest deals of all time!  A multimillion-dollar home in Park City was being remodeled by the new owner.  He was selling all of the cabinetry and appliances on the classifieds for $4900!  The house had only been a second home for the previous owner, so everything was basically brand new!  I still have a room full of cabinets that we couldn’t use because our space wasn’t big enough and an extra dishwasher because I couldn’t fit two in like they had in their house 😉


After.  I did hire out the countertops :). The whole kitchen remodel came in at a little under $10,000.

IMG 8724



A few more angles I don’t have before pictures for.

Before entryway



IMG 8702

The vent hood I made for the kitchen cost me less than $50 (not including the fan).  I found this vent hood for free on the classifieds.  It is beautiful but didn’t fit the style of my kitchen.

IMG 8501

So I used it as the carcass that I would build over.

IMG 8504

I covered it in sheetrock and wood.

IMG 9011

Applied mud

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Finally, I added the wood trim.

Many of you asked in my last post how long it has taken me to remodel these rooms.  THREE YEARS!!!!  It is no joke remodeling the house that you are living in while having five kids.

Disclaimer!!!  My kitchen never looks as clean and uncluttered as it does in the photos!  I had to close the kitchen to all kids and my husband to clean and get rid of all clutter!  There was protesting and crying.  It was not pretty:).  So for five beautiful minutes, while I was taking these photos, my kitchen looked like this.  I will cherish these photos because it will never look like that again :). This is what my countertops usually look like!

IMG 2538

Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a great Christmas!!!



What has been the best part of your day so far?

Staying home for the holidays or will you be gone this week?

Ever shop on classifieds?  Any cool finds?

Beck is having his tubes put in as we speak… I’m so excited for him to feel better!  



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