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Sudarshan Kriya: What It Is, Learn how to Do and Advantages

Sitting in Vajrasana for respiratory earlier than SKY. Picture: Canva

Respiratory is the idea of any life on this earth. You aren’t making an effort to breathe, it’s the somatic perform of the lung. Nonetheless, it is without doubt one of the most unconsidered components of our lives. We’re so busy in our daily actions that we’re forgetting to present our physique the required oxygen.

Have you ever observed that for many problematic or annoying conditions, we regularly obtain the recommendation of respiratory deeply?  

You’re offended – take a deep breath.

You are feeling like crying – give attention to respiratory.

An individual is hyperventilating – they’re given a bag to inhale and exhale deeply.

You’re about to face a big viewers and feeling nervous – take 3-5 deep breaths.

Even in meditation, we’re instructed to give attention to our respiratory rhythm and strategies. When your physique will get the right amount of oxygen, it makes the organs perform in a correct method. Spiritually, your thoughts is cleared and your vitality centres (chakras) are energized.

Sudarshan kriya is one such respiratory yoga train that ensures your physique and thoughts are purified of fatigue, stress, tiredness, anxiousness and different detrimental thought and behavioural patterns.

What’s Sudarshan Kriya?

Sudarshan Kriya is a 3 half yogic respiratory observe during which we breathe in gradual, medium, and quick respiratory cycles. This respiratory train is designed to make the thoughts calm, targeted and the physique energized, fully relaxed. Practising it’s going to enhance your general psychological and bodily well being.

The which means of the Sanskrit time periodSudarshan Kriya is ‘correct imaginative and prescient by purifying actions’. Right here “Sudarshan” comprised of “Su” means Correct or Clear and “darshan” means Imaginative and prescient. Kriya is known as to any particular motion or observe in yoga that’s carried out with guided directions from a grasp to realize some meant outcomes.

It’s popularly often called Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) and SKY respiratory.

The Origin

Considered one of India’s foremost religious lecturers Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founding father of Artwork of Dwelling Basis, is the founding individual of Sudarshan Kriya. In 1982 when he was in a 10-day silent retreat, the concept of this respiratory method got here to him on the banks of the Bhadra river.

His concept behind Sudarshan kriya was to present individuals an awesome expertise by a single observe. He says , “Although individuals do their practices, their life is in compartments after they come out in life, they’re very totally different individuals. So, I used to be pondering how we will bridge this hole between internal silence and outer expression of life.”

The Kriya

The Sudarshan yoga kriya contains 3 components respiratory strategies that are carried out for 45 minutes. Within the first previous, the Ujjayi respiratory or victorious respiratory is carried out the place you’re taking gradual deep inhalation and exhalation at common intervals. The size of those breaths is carried out in equal counts.

The second half, referred to as Bhastrika or bellows breath, is carried out at a barely sooner tempo than the Ujjayi. Your exhales are twice so long as the inhales. Lastly, the respiratory is quicker than the earlier two strategies and also you inhale twice so long as the exhales. The complete observe will take 45 minutes.

Advantages of Sudarshan Kriya

detoxification through pranayama

The Sudarshan kriya is a method to remodel your feelings by numerous respiratory strategies. The way in which the respiratory strategies transition from gradual to medium to quick; it’s helpful for rest, de-stressing, and bettering general organ capabilities. 

One other essential profit is that your lung capability will likely be elevated, which may even assist in enhancing your consciousness. Your relationships will flourish and you’ll discover pleasure, happiness and concord in your life. 

Thus far up to now, many peer-reviewed journals have revealed totally different research to help the advantages and results of SKY respiratory on the physique and thoughts. Beneath is defined a few of them;

1. SKY cut back PTSD signs

Publish Traumatic Stress Dysfunction or PTSD is one such psychological difficulty that’s typically seen in individuals who have skilled excessive trauma. PTSD has an antagonistic impact on life and psychological standing. It’s principally seen in struggle veterans as they’ve seen the horrors of the struggle. Most of those veterans commit suicide and the quantity is on an increase. 

Sudarshan kriya has confirmed to offer encouraging optimistic outcomes. One randomized examine carried out on Afghanistan and Iraq struggle veterans confirmed that the signs of PTSD together with anxiousness, hyperarousal and startle had been considerably diminished when the male veterans practised the SKY.  

2. SKY reduces indicators of Despair

Despair is one other psychological difficulty that’s fairly rampant in youngsters and adults. As a result of our unhealthy way of life and stress, some individuals undergo from melancholy from an early age. Sudarshan kriya’s cyclical respiratory method can also be an efficient self stress-management device and it has additionally been confirmed in scientific analysis.

The Division of Psychiatry, NIMHANS, India’s most revered institute carried out a examine on the antidepressant results of SKY on 45 depressed individuals. It was discovered that after 3 weeks the individuals discovered ample aid and had been thought of in remission after 1 month. On the finish of the scientific trial, it was deduced that SKY didn’t produce any unwanted effects and was as efficient because the antidepressant drug Imipramine.

3. SKY enhances immunity

COVID-19 has proven us the significance of sturdy immunity. The present way of life has taken an enormous toll on the immunity-boosting features of the physique. Essentially the most very important issue that hampers it’s stress, it weakens our neuroendocrine perform and makes us weak to pathogens and numerous ailments. 

Working towards SKY will assist in decreasing stress and anxiousness by bettering the oxygen move within the cells which can energize them to enhance the immune system. A analysis was carried out on most cancers sufferers who had accomplished their customary remedy. After practising SKY, it was discovered that there have been a major improve within the pure killer (NK) cells after 12 and 14 weeks. It was instructed that common observe of SKY “would possibly cut back the incidence and development of most cancers.”

4. SKY retains our hormones in stability

Our moods and emotions are sometimes managed by hormones. Worry, anger, anxiousness, or feeling low are all the outcomes of imbalanced hormones. This can be very crucial that the secretion of the hormones is saved in stability as extra or deficiency may cause a spread of issues. One such hormone is cortisol, a stress hormone, when secreted in extra can weaken the immune system and maintain you in a steady state of stress.

SKY’s respiratory method enhances the discharge of glad hormones corresponding to dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. One such examine was carried out on the practitioners of SKY within the Artwork of Dwelling ashram Bangalore. 50 volunteers who had kind 2 diabetes and had attended 6 days superior SKY workshop had been studied.

It was discovered that they’d a major lower in ldl cholesterol and cortisol launch whereas prolactin was considerably elevated. General, there was a optimistic impact on the lipid profile and the hormonal standing of those practitioners.

5. SKY improves the standard of sleep

Simply how stress hampers our immune system, it additionally impacts our sleep high quality. Once we are harassed, our mind tends to run in overdrive, which finally leads to lack of sleep. Different psychological points corresponding to anxiousness and melancholy might also result in sleeplessness or insomnia.

A current pilot examine was carried out on 473 Indian individuals who had attended a 3-day SKY workshop. They had been assessed by the Pittsburgh Sleep High quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire on their sleep high quality, earlier than, after and on the fortieth day of this system.

The outcomes of this examine are very promising because it confirmed a rise within the sleep high quality in all of the individuals. This additionally implies that this examine can also be indicative of treating insomnia. Common observe of SKY will yield larger outcomes.     

6. SKY has a optimistic impact on the general psychological wellbeing

Wanting on the above advantages, it’s secure to say that Sudarshan kriya has been amply confirmed to extend and help one’s psychological well being. The Worldwide Journal of Yoga revealed a examine that reviewed the assorted analysis papers on the results of Sudarshan kriya on immune perform, autonomic nervous system imbalances, and psychological or stress-related issues.

The conclusion of this examine was that there’s ample proof to show that SKY is certainly “helpful, low-risk, low-cost adjunct to the therapy of stress, anxiousness, post-traumatic stress dysfunction, melancholy, stress-related medical diseases, substance abuse, and rehabilitation of legal offenders.”

There are a lot of such research which were carried out internationally which have proved the effectiveness of sudarshan kriya on thoughts and physique.

Learn how to Do Sudarshan Kriya

Sudarshan kriya is carried out into 3 phases of three widespread respiratory strategies of pranayama. Beginning with Ujjayi pranayama, respiratory is assisted by hand actions on 3 components of the torso. Then fast-paced bhastrika pranayama is carried out and at last, the tip step is known as Sudarshan kriya the place respiratory is completed with OM Chant.

Sudarshan kriya ought to be carried out underneath the supervision of Artwork of Dwelling trainers or licensed yoga lecturers because it includes very particular respiratory strategies. Inexperienced persons and other people with diseases ought to all the time seek the advice of specialists earlier than beginning the Sudarshan kriya. If you happen to apply the flawed method it may be dangerous or ineffective.

Stating the above, we’ve listed the step-by-step directions to carry out the SKY which is indicative of how it’s typically carried out.

There are 3 components to the Sudarshan kriya and the steps listed under are performed in chronological order.

Half 1 – Ujjayi Pranayama (carried out in 3 phases)

Right here you’ll breathe right into a 4-4-6-2 ratio (inhale: maintain in: exhale: maintain out). It’ll assist in opening your airways. You’re respiratory consciously which makes you alert whereas calming your thoughts.

Stage 1

  • Sit in Vajrasana or Padmasana and maintain your palms on the hip bone.
  • Take a deep breath with 4 counts to fill your lungs and maintain until 4 counts.
  • Now exhale, emptying your lungs, with 6 counts and maintain for two counts.
  • Repeat this course of 8 instances.

Stage 2

  • Change the hand place and maintain your thumbs underneath your armpits. Your palms at the moment are parallel to the bottom.
  • Repeat the identical respiratory procedures as in stage 1 for 8 instances.

Stage 3

  • Convey your palms again along with your elbows pointing to the sky.
  • Repeat the respiratory method as in stage 1 for six instances.

Half 2 – Bhastrika Pranayama

On this type of respiratory, you’ll inhale quickly and exhale forcefully. You need to be capable of take 30 breaths per minute.

  • Preserving the identical seating place, shut your fists evenly and place them in entrance of your chest.
  • Inhale and stretch your arms on high of your head whereas opening your arms. Fill your lungs absolutely.
  • Forcefully exhale and produce your palms again to the preliminary place, that’s, closed fist and in entrance of your chest.
  • Repeat this course of 20 instances in every of the three units.

Half 3 – Kriya or Sudarshan Kriya

Earlier than beginning this section, it’s best to sit in sukhasana and chant OM to calm down your thoughts and physique. With every prolonged exhale, you’ll chant OM and repeat the process 3 instances.

Within the Kriya, you’ll transition from gradual respiratory to medium to fast-paced respiratory. Whereas performing the respiratory sample, chant the SOHUM in your thoughts, with ‘SO’ inhale and ‘HUM’ in exhale.

  • Come again to sit down in Vajrasana or Padmasana.
  • 1st cycle – Inhale and exhale in a gradual rhythm. Repeat it 20 instances.
  • 2nd cycle – Inhale and exhale sooner than the first cycle. Repeat it 40 instances.
  • third cycle – Inhale and exhale sooner than the first and 2nd cycle. Repeat it 40 instances.
  • All of the cycles must be carried out 3 instances.

The complete length of the three half Sudarshan kriya takes 45 minutes. After you might have accomplished all of the components, you sit in a sukhasana and calm down for five minutes.


By practising Sudarshan Kriya, you might be tapping into the rhythm of your respiratory and releasing toxins by way of your breath. You take management of your breath and bringing a couple of change in your psychological well being and well-being. By decreasing detrimental parts like stress, anxiousness, melancholy you might be bettering your immunity, hormonal stability, and the mind-body connection. 

It’s time to discover the rhythm of your breath and also you by no means know it’d convey you a revelation!

Sudarshan Kriya Steadily Requested Questions

Q1. The place are you able to study Sudarshan Kriya?

Artwork of Dwelling Basis (AOL) is the birthplace of Sudarshan Kriya therefore it is sensible to study from their skilled and licensed lecturers. The muse retains conducting workshops on-line on SKY Respiratory on-line and offline of their numerous ashrams world wide. You possibly can entry their web site to look out for any dates of workshops which you can attend.

Q2. How lengthy ought to SKY be practised?

The everyday Sudarshan Kriya takes 45 minutes with breath counts. 

Q3.What number of instances a day SKY could be carried out? What’s the greatest time?

The brief Sudarshan kriya (20-Half-hour) ought to be carried out solely as soon as a day, particularly in the course of the morning to stay energetic. The longer model ought to be carried out as soon as per week particularly underneath the steering of the AOL trainer.

You possibly can carry out Sudarshan Kriya at any time of the day nonetheless keep away from performing it after meals. 

This autumn. What precautions ought to be taken to observe Sudarshan Kriya?

Sudarshan Kriya ought to all the time be carried out underneath skilled steering or else it is going to be ineffective and even dangerous.

Pregnant ladies, individuals affected by excessive psychological sickness and substance abuse ought to keep away from practising it.

Inexperienced persons ought to seek the advice of a physician or an skilled yoga trainer to evaluate their psychological and bodily capabilities to carry out the Sudarshan kriya.

Q5. Are there any unwanted effects of SKY?

There aren’t any identified unwanted effects of Sudarshan Kriya. Neither any scientific analysis carried out worldwide has famous any unwanted effects nor any practitioner has come ahead to date. It’s a very secure observe if performed underneath the steering of an skilled.

Q6. What are a number of the results skilled by practitioners?

Individuals who observe the Sudarshan kriya have famous feeling tingling sensation, complications, or nausea, which is a standard symptom. If you happen to expertise such indicators, you could take a relaxation earlier than resuming the observe.

Some practitioners, who carried out the SKY for the primary time, famous having felt exuberant and energetic for all the day. They observed their lethargy and laziness get diminished and have been full of optimistic vitality. Many have been in a position to curb their anger and anxiousness ranges with common observe.



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