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The Ultimate 3-5 Day Backpacking Packing List — She Dreams Of Alpine

Every single time I get ready for a backpacking trip I HAVE to look at my printed out backpacking packing list to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind. You’d think that after years of practice I’d be good at just packing from memory, but you’d be surprised how often my mind fails me (👋over-active mind here!).

Even though I’ve been backpacking for over 6 years now I never seem to fail to leave something out when I’m laying gear out to get ready. So now I just don’t risk it and use my backpacking checklist, and I recommend that you do the same!

Always get in the habit of reviewing your backpacking gear checklist before you officially head out on a trip! I personally like to do this at least a few days in advance in case I need to go to the store to grab some extra things (like batteries, snacks, wipes… you know…)

So you’re going to get 2 core things from this post my friend:

First, I’ve created a Backpacking Checklist PDF that you can download and print out for your reference. It includes everything I cover in this post but in a nice condensed checklist sort of way, and it’s the ultimate backpacking gear list…if I do say so myself. I used to have this gear list written on a back of some notebook paper, but thanks to this blog, I made it nice, pretty and organized. Because you’re worth it 😉.

Second, in the rest of this blog post, I will take each of my backpacking gear list items and give you the gear that I personally recommend and love using myself. Basically, this post is a look at my backpacking gear closet… my backpacking must-haves, so to speak.

If you ever find yourself thinking, “What gear would Allison of She Dreams of Alpine bring backpacking?” (and I’m just going to pretend that you think that all the time), then this is the post for you, friend! It’s also totally OK if you are thinking, “I don’t know who this She Dreams of Alpine chick is, but I would like someone to give me overnight backpacking list gear recommendations!” I’ve got you covered, too.



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