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What’s a Yogi? and How Can You Turn into One in True Sense!

There may very well be many faces that come to your thoughts when heard the time period “yogi”, for instance, your yoga trainer, a well-known Indian religious guru, an individual who loves yoga, or the particular person you comply with on social media for yoga feeds.

Are all of them or any of them can actually be referred to as a Yogi simply by understanding one side of their personalities? Definitely not!

All people on the market practising yoga or educating yoga in a roundabout way or different can’t be referred to as a Yogi. In truth, yogic scriptures have outlined sure qualities of the one that will be referred to as a Yogi, they essentially shouldn’t be an skilled in doing totally different asanas.

Yoga greater than a type of bodily train is a method of way of life, subsequently, an individual to who we’re referring a Yogi ought to be an adept follower of “Yoga as a way of life”.

What’s a Yogi?

The perfect definition of a yogi: An individual who actually lives their life by the ethical codes of yoga and emulates its educating in each side of their yoga sadhana referred to as Yogi.

Every thing you consider Yoga comparable to a bodily, psychological or religious apply is a part of yoga sadhana. It contains all of the practices that we do in a yoga class comparable to asanas, pranayama, Japa, meditation, and many others. and a yogic way of life as nicely.

On the whole, a male practitioner of yoga known as a Yogi and feminine practitioner is Yogini. The phrase Yogi shouldn’t be used with out understanding the depths of its true that means. An individual doesn’t turn out to be yogi by calling himself one. When an individual comply with yogic way of life on and off the mat constantly over an extended interval, the folks and neighborhood the particular person serve could entitled him a Yogi.

Within the west tradition at the moment the time period Yogi turn out to be quite common in use. There, ‘yogi’ or ‘yogini’ symbolizes an individual who does a whole lot of yoga or perhaps wears a flowery set of mala beads with the most recent trending yoga pants.

Nonetheless, to understand the sensible that means of a yogi in at the moment’s context, we must always carry a steadiness between the traditional definitions and modern-day potential definitions of the idea.

Who’s a Yogi?

An individual will be yogi in some ways primarily based on how s/he lives the life and their angle to themselves & in the direction of different. ofcourse the apply of yoga virtually and theoretically is vital a part of the method of changing into a yogi, however the yogic angle will be current in an individual naturally.

You may name an individual yogi who;

  • Practices the totally different disciplines of yoga comparable to asana, pranayama, dharana, dhyana and many others, preserving the one greater function of “Union with absolutely the”.
  • Maintains equanimity of thoughts in each motion and scenario of life (Raja Yogi)
  • A yogi serve society for the betterment of the folks and the neighborhood at massive. And count on nothing in return.(Karma Yogi)
  • A yogi indulges in intense self-study and emphasizes the worth of scriptures to enlighten the interior self but lives the life as layman (Jnana Yogi).
  • They search information regardless of all obstacles on the trail of yoga.
  • A yogi is the devotee of God and prays that supreme energy which governs the universe (it’s referred to as Bhakti Yoga). Being devotee doesn’t imply to be theist in any respect, however the philosophy of yoga belives highest common precept, additionally referred to as the Brahman or absolute actuality.

An individual can’t be mentioned yogi who doesn’t comply with yogic ideas within the apply and their day-to-day life as nicely. Additionally, not all of the yogis are spiritually inclined folks. Somebody residing within the Himalayas could not essentially be a yogi.

For my part, the stage of being referred to as as yogi comes solely after reaching a sure stage of management in your senses and ego. Reaching to this stage could take complete lifetime for somebody and for others it might be a pure state of their being. So it’s the mind-set that makes one a Yogi not the apply of yoga alone.

Mastering the yoga ideas and bodily postures could hardly take 1 or 2 years of apply, that doesn’t make one a adept yogi, sure they are often referred to as a yoga trainer.

The Bhagavad Gita View

Considered one of nice scriptures of Hinduism Bhagavad Gita describes varied paths of yoga. On this, Lord Krishna has elaborated the traits of an individual who’s a yogi in actual life.

Lord Krishna discusses with Arjuna what qualities are wanted to turn out to be a real yogi. He emphasizes that fearlessness, perseverance in gaining knowledge, performing yoga, and purity of the center are the important qualities in a yogi.

Lord Krishna additional elaborates that an individual who performs his duties with out fascinated about the acquire or losses or the fruits of his actions is a karma yogi. He additionally goes on telling Arjuna that an individual will be referred to as a yogi when he’s equanimous in all of the actions he performs.

If we expect that these definitions of a yogi are outdated or belong to the traditional period solely, we’re underestimating the scriptures a bit. What was defined by Lord Krishna is relevant even to this century if we all know methods to extract a that means from it.

Attaining equanimity is expounded to sustaining a peaceful angle in each scenario of life. A yogi ought to be capable to constantly apply yoga in order that the angle of steadiness and peace is developed to overcome irritation, impulsiveness, aggression, or any exterior enter that life put us into.

In response to Lord Krishna, a yogi is somebody who’s fearless and takes on the challenges of life. He isn’t somebody who gossips or lies, or conspires in opposition to folks. A yogi is pure at coronary heart, is nice to everybody, and is able to assist and serve others at any time when wanted. 

What are the Qualities of a Yogi?

The approach to life of a yogi within the 21st century is certainly diverse from how yogis used to dwell within the historical occasions in India. Nonetheless, there are particular qualities which might be nonetheless the identical. Let’s attempt to perceive what qualities make an individual a yogi.

A Yogi is profitable in his yoga apply solely when he possesses or acquires the 6 qualities. They’re mentioned in Swami Swatmarama’s Hatha Yoga Pradeepika and are referred to as the methods to open the gates of self-realisation for the yogi.

1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm or sustaining a constructive angle in the direction of one’s yoga apply and different duties in day-to-day life is an important high quality of a yogi. A yogi is enthusiastic or keen to make modifications in himself because the yogic ideas information. A yogi is just not a dull-hearted or heavy-minded one who offers up apply after a minute of distraction.

Slightly a yogi is somebody who finds the aim of life in his yogic actions and with nice optimism gathers his feelings collectively and goes to his mat each morning.

2. Perseverance

Everyone knows the saying ‘apply makes a person excellent’. It’s true even within the case of following the trail of yoga. A yogi ought to keep in apply irrespective of what number of distractions or psychological troubles come his method.

An individual known as a yogi when he maintains his enthusiasm all through the yogic journey and is constant in his practices. A yogi is just not afraid to begin over if he fails, or he isn’t discouraged by the failures in his apply. He continues on the yogic path regardless.

3. Discrimination

After gaining consistency over the practices, a high quality {that a} yogi ought to possess is the flexibility to discriminate. Even on the stage of enthusiasm and perseverance, there’s a chance of falling for the acts that pull us down and deviate from the trail of yoga sadhana.

A yogi learns the discrimination between what is useful and what’s detrimental to his yogic apply and follows accordingly. He by no means lets the detrimental elements have an effect on his yogic sadhana. Discrimination additionally contains selecting a wholesome and preferable way of life, consuming habits that cooperates one’s journey as a yogi.

4. Unshakable Religion

The attainment of a sattvic yogic routine, the subsequent vital high quality of a yogi is that he firmly believes within the values he’s residing. Nonetheless, it isn’t the blind religion. Slightly it’s the acutely aware feeling of being heading in the right direction of self-discovery.

This unshakable religion makes a yogi journey via the ups and downs of the yogic journey. A yogi doesn’t doubt his capability, his guru, or his method of apply. However he deeply believes and that’s what will get him via the obstacles.

5. Braveness

After establishing agency religion on his yogic path, the yogi acquires braveness. Right here, braveness is just not known as making an attempt sophisticated yoga practices. Nevertheless it means being courageous when it comes to letting go of your attachments, needs, your false ego and extra.

A yogi ought to be brave to just accept the change yoga is bringing to his life. And he ought to be brave to expertise the necessities of the apply and allow them to rework his life.

6. Avoiding a Unfavorable Firm

With the acquisition of the primary 5 qualities, a yogi should bear in mind to keep away from any firm of the individuals who can derail his journey. Individuals who have a unfavorable method to residing will not be useful for a yogi’s sadhana.

They create negativity, self-doubt, and in addition concern together with their negativity. All these elements are detrimental to a yogi’s religious progress. Thus, it’s steered to keep away from any such firm that brings him down.

Tips on how to Progress on the Path of Turning into a Yogi?

Studying upon the qualities which might be wanted for an individual to turn out to be a yogi, one would possibly get confused as to the place to begin. As we have now seen above, the parameters of changing into a yogi had been very a lot totally different than the parameters at the moment.

So, what can get us began on the trail of changing into a yogi? Let’s take a look at a number of sensible workout routines in at the moment’s context to reply this.

1. To Start, Start!

We spend a whole lot of time considering and never doing. To turn out to be a yogi, starting is a should. You can begin from wherever you’re. In case you are passionate concerning the yogic way of life and want to rework your self, you’ve got to start it straight away.

The facility of NOW or current second is what patanjali has mentioned within the very first verse of Yoga Sutras.

Atha yoga anushasanam
Now, the teachings of yoga.
—Yoga Sutra 1.1

By this sutra, Patanjali reminds us to be current within the present second. So what you suppose or have deliberate to start, it shouldn’t be delayed.

There may be loads of materials out there to start your yogic journey. With progress, you may also take a Guru to information you thru the trail. However bear in mind to be enthusiastic concerning the course of you’re getting into into and benefit from the constructive transformation it will carry.

2. Be Constant in Your Yogic Routine

As soon as you’re decided to vary your self as a yogi, the subsequent factor you must work on is being constant in your apply.

The important attribute of a yogi is to not quit. When you keep the behavior of beginning over whatever the distractions and obstacles, you’re on the correct path of changing into a yogi.

Consistency will be introduced by fascinated about the constructive results of the yogic apply or listening to motivational lectures by enlightened yogis and religious gurus. Perseverance is a key to changing into a yogi and will be achieved by the best acts which make it easier to encourage to contain yoga.

3. Tackle Yogic Rules

As soon as the bodily self-discipline in day by day practices is achieved, you’ll be able to transfer on taking the yogic ideas into apply. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradeepika, Bhagavad Gita have defined quite a few sutras that improve a yogi’s bodily, psychological, and religious progress.

When you undertake the ideas of Yamas, Niyamas, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, serving others and different ideas explaining the significance of equanimity in actions, you go nearer to changing into a real yogi. In any case, a yogi is the one who understands and lives the yogic ideas in his day by day life.

4. Interact in Soul-Enriching Actions

Soul-enriching actions are enormous in numbers. From studying an excellent e-book, listening to good things like yogic documentaries, lectures, satsangas to spending a peaceable time in nature or joyous moments with your loved ones. You may have interaction within the actions which might be related to your progress as a yogi.

Yogi is just not all the time the one who offers up his household and goes to Himalaya for sadhana. Slightly he’s somebody who stays in his pure habitat and develops as a religious being.

5. Develop a Minimalist Angle

Yoga is a path of non-attachment to materials issues. In at the moment’s period, we can not virtually quit on many issues however we are able to lower brief our wants to not appear much less needy however to develop the minimalist method mentioned in Yoga.

You may attempt to dwell with the minimal issues which might be obligatory and vital. This method may make it easier to in creating the angle of much less is healthier than having extra and being disturbed. 

Remaining Ideas

There are many habits a modern-day yogi ought to undertake in reference to what has been outlined by the scriptures centuries in the past. The time context could also be totally different however the essence of yoga practices in all of the durations is similar.

Being a yogi doesn’t take away your regular life however teaches you to dwell your regular life with self-discipline, love, gratitude, and peace. It doesn’t train you to depart apart your regular garments and put on saffron however as a substitute guides you to drop off your ego by involving in yogic actions.

A path of a yogi is a path of willpower, consistency, braveness, love, and compassion. And in a world filled with resourceful and informative actions, we certain know methods to choose those that can make us a yogi!



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