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What’s Restorative Yoga? Its Advantages and Poses for Rest

Have you ever ever seen your self grinding your tooth throughout your sleep? Or skilled sudden fidgeting, restlessness? Perhaps you’ve got woken as much as discover your palms in a decent fist? These are all indicators of the amassed stress and stress in your physique which it needs to launch.

This stress could be a reason for a number of bodily and psychological issues in your yoga. Restorative Yoga helps in releasing this stress and ‘restores’ the concord of the mind-body-spirit.

Identical to meditation, in restorative yoga, you might be engaged on permitting your physique to relaxation and energize itself. The distinctiveness of restorative yoga is that every pose is held for a protracted length and you utilize a whole lot of props to maintain nonetheless and let the stillness work its magic. It may be practiced by anybody below any setting, so long as you might be artistic in utilizing issues as props for assist.

What’s Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is a soothing and calming yoga model that gives a therapeutic impact to your physique. It could seem passive and straightforward to follow however the stillness you could maintain the poses for an prolonged time is the principle problem. 

You could bear in mind that you’re not performing this yoga to generate warmth or stretch your muscle mass. You might be giving your physique a break and letting it heal itself.

Whenever you follow restorative yoga, you utilize a number of props corresponding to bolsters, cushions, straps, blankets, blocks, chairs, partitions, and many others to assist your physique. It’s because you can be staying in a pose for so long as 20 minutes and these props will assist your physique in a method you could’t. 

One other vital issue right here is that in case you are affected by a continual sickness or are recovering from an damage, practising restorative yoga might help within the therapeutic course of by making your physique relaxation.

Don’t be shocked should you discover yoga lessons providing solely 4-6 restorative yoga asanas. Since you might be spending time establishing the helps after which stress-free your physique in a pose for 5-20 minutes, you will be unable to follow many poses.

How is Restorative Yoga totally different from different yoga types?

Yoga types corresponding to Hastha, Vinyasa, Sizzling Yoga encourage internal warmth technology by holding poses for a lesser time and performing them in a circulation. Restorative yoga requires you to remain in a relaxed pose for greater than 5 minutes. There isn’t any warmth technology which is why you might be typically required to cowl your self with a blanket or follow it in a comfortable place.

It is usually fairly widespread to confuse restorative yoga with Yin yoga as each are stress-free. Nevertheless, Yin Yoga emphasizes the stretching of connective tissues moderately than muscle mass.

Despite the fact that restorative yoga takes its inspiration from Iyengar Yoga in the usage of props, nonetheless, the aim of their utilization is barely totally different. In Iyengar yoga, you might be utilizing props to assist and align your physique in a posture for stability and variations to the normal yoga poses. Whereas restorative yoga makes use of props to assist the physique to chill out and give up.

The impact of Restorative Yoga in your Nervous System

One of many essential causes Restorative yoga is wanted is because of its optimistic impact on the nervous system. This model of yoga is extraordinarily efficient in activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)

PNS types part of the Autonomic Nervous System,  which is accountable for controlling involuntary features like coronary heart charge.

The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) are a part of the Autonomic Nervous System. Whereas SNS prompts the “struggle or flights” instincts in periods of stress or emotional trauma, PNS is accountable for the “relaxation and digest” mode after traumatic or emotional incidents.

SNS, at a reasonable degree, is critical and acts as a driving pressure to beat conditions corresponding to a job interview, entrance exams, addressing a big viewers, and even asking somebody out for a date. Nevertheless, when stress and nervousness cross the hazard mark, imbalances corresponding to poor digestion, improper sleep, hormonal imbalances, and many others might happen within the physique.

That is the place the work of PNS is available in. Restorative Yoga will help in strengthening the shift from the state of stress to a state of relaxation. It’ll reconnect us with our Parasympathetic Nervous System by way of stress-free poses and scale back the output of cortisol (stress hormone). 

When the PNS will get activated, it’s going to information you to come back again to your regular routine by making your organs work the best way they need to, by getting your physique in a state of relaxation. It additionally improves your sleep high quality, reduces muscle stress, improves the operate of the immune system, and many others.

Advantages of Restorative Yoga

Although the essence of this yoga model could also be barely totally different from the normal yoga model, its advantages are the identical. There have been some research performed to take a look at the advantages of restorative yoga.

A examine printed in 2017 famous that when African-American ladies, who had been breast most cancers survivors, practised restorative yoga for 8-weeks, it had a optimistic impact on a lower within the degree of melancholy inside them.  

One other examine was performed on Japanese nurses who labored evening shifts. They carried out restorative yoga for 4 weeks at dwelling and 4 weeks of widespread stress-relieving strategies. It was famous that the group that practiced restorative yoga confirmed a big lower in psychological and bodily occupational stress. 

Yet one more examine reveals that restorative yoga was profitable in lowering weight and subcutaneous fats (current just below the pores and skin) in ladies who’ve a BMI of 30 or extra and are thought of overweight as per the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) requirements.

It’s fairly apparent that there are nonetheless gaps in scientific research, it can’t be ignored that restorative yoga has confirmed to be efficient in assuaging signs of melancholy, stress and helped in lowering weight.

Another advantages are:

  • It could possibly strengthen the connective tissues across the joints and bones.
  • The yoga model is a good way to scale back stress and nervousness which assist in protecting a greater temper.
  • Since this model of yoga promotes relxation and induces a state of relaxation for the physique, it aids in bettering sleep high quality.
  • Restorative yoga can be utilized in its place take care of restoration from damage, therefore lowering ache within the bones, muscle mass, tendons, ligaments and smooth tissues.
  • It helps in activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System by stress-free and soothing the nervous system.
  • By lowering cortisol, it aids in bettering the general wellbeing of the thoughts and physique.
  • Because of the utilization of props, pregnant ladies can simply modify the pose as per their consolation.
  • It’s required that you simply keep a pose for so long as 15-20 minutes which requires dedication, focus, braveness and compassion. This enhances self-awareness and likewise promotes mindfulness.
  • Restorative Yoga encourages your physique to relaxation, which is of nice assist to our immune system.

Tricks to bear in mind earlier than beginning Restorative Yoga

  • Observe the poses in a quiet place. Sudden actions or disturbances will trigger your physique to enter a Sympathetic state. The relief you might be aiming to realize won’t be attainable with noises and distractions.
  • When the physique will get relaxed, its temperature tends to go down. Therefore it’s advisable that you simply hold some blankets close to you or put on an additional layer of clothes.
  • Whereas training the pose, it’s higher to maintain your eyes closed. This helps in stress-free the thoughts in addition to protecting nonetheless. You can even use an eye fixed pillow or a sleeping masks to assist on this.
  • Most of the time a slight weight on the physique corresponding to again, chest, abdomen, or pelvis helps in getting the physique to chill out. You need to use a sandbag or a heavy folded blanket to place weight on the half you’re feeling will provide help to.
  • Whereas widespread props corresponding to blocks, straps, bolsters, and cushions can be found in yoga lessons, you should utilize options utilizing issues simply obtainable at dwelling. For instance, you should utilize a rolled towel, belt, chair, rolled blanket, partitions, books, pillows, and many others when training Restorative Yoga at dwelling.
  • It’s fairly widespread for an individual to go to sleep throughout such a session. To keep away from this, you possibly can place a timer close to you which of them you set for 10-Quarter-hour, as that is the typical time for rest.

Restorative Yoga poses you possibly can attempt at dwelling

After you have discovered the proper solution to follow the poses and use the props in a category, you possibly can simply do among the poses within the consolation of your own home. All of the poses listed under must be carried out for a minimum of 5 minutes and may be prolonged as much as half-hour. 

We’ve got listed 6 straightforward and stress-free poses you could follow at dwelling with the assistance of props you could simply discover.

Youngster’s Pose (Balasana)

Youngster’s pose is a kind of poses that provide help to launch all of the stress and stress of your physique, particularly within the space of your again and hip. The pose aids in relieving the fatigue and when assist is used, any aches in your neck and again may even be gone. 

To carry out this pose, sit in a Vajrasana together with your buttocks positioned in your heels. Place a bolster, lengthwise in entrance of you. You can even place a cushion below your thighs to raise your hips and help in protecting stability. 

As you exhale, bend ahead slowly resting your torso and head on the bolster. You possibly can hold your arms beside you or stretch ahead. To assist your arms, hold cushions or folded blankets/towels below your forearms. As on your head, hold alternating between each cheeks for a couple of minutes every to keep away from a stiff neck.

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

The bridge pose is taken into account an intermediate to superior pose, relying in your experience. You must have interaction your hamstrings and core muscle to lift your hips off the ground. This pose offers a terrific stretch to the glutes, elongates and strengthens the backbone, and opens your chest and hips.

Nevertheless, this lively backbend pose can flip stress-free and passive with the usage of props corresponding to cushions, books, or blocks.

Lie down in your again and unfold your legs hip-width aside. Bend them on the knees, place the toes firmly on the ground and hold your palms by your facet. Interact your hamstrings and raise your hips off the ground. Slide a block, stack of books, or one to 2 cushions below the hips such that your decrease again and tailbone are absolutely supported.

After you have accomplished your follow, raise your hips to take away the prop, slowly carry your hips again to the ground, and straighten your legs.

Legs-up-the-wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

This pose in itself is a really stress-free pose that will increase the circulation in your physique. By inserting your legs on the wall, your hamstrings and again of the neck are gently stretched. It is usually a good way to alleviate tiredness in your legs and toes. 

For this pose, you possibly can add assist below your neck or hips.

Start by inserting a folded blanket/towel in the course of the yoga mat. Sit together with your proper facet in opposition to the wall and swing your legs to position them in opposition to the wall. Hold your buttocks as near the wall, as per your consolation. Fully lie down and place your head on the folded blanket/towel. 

You can even place a cushion or blanket below your decrease again to offer an inversion to this pose.

Seated Ahead Bend Pose (Paschimottanasana)

The pose primarily helps in spinal decompression and likewise stretches the again of the neck. By utilizing helps for this pose, you possibly can keep on this extension pose with out discomfort for so long as you need. You need to use a bolster or folded blanket on your higher physique and head.

Sit in a yoga mat together with your legs collectively and stretched in entrance of you and your again straight. Place the bolster/folded blanket or towel in your legs. Fold ahead out of your hips and place your torso and head on the prop. 

In case of a blanket/towel or bolster hold alternating your cheeks. In case you are utilizing blocks, place blocks at an equal distance in order that the load of your torso and head is unfold equally.

One other method to make use of props is to maintain the folded blanket/towel below your knees and blocks at a distance the place you wish to cease bending and relaxation your brow.

Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Together with being a terrific chest and hip opener, it’s a pose that’s greatest suited to individuals with desk jobs. It eliminates shoulder and neck pains, elongates the backbone, and relaxes the higher again. With the usage of a bolster or folded blanket/towel on your neck and again and an eye fixed pillow (non-obligatory), you will get a terrific pose that can make your stress go away.

In order for you you should utilize blocks nonetheless the corners might begin digging into your again, which is able to defeat the aim of the yoga session.

Place two bolsters or folded blankets/towels parallel to one another in a method that they aim your shoulder blades and your head. Together with your again to the props, lie down on them slowly. You possibly can take away the assist below your head should you really feel that it is possible for you to to carry the pose together with your head hanging for a very long time.

You possibly can fold your legs at your knees and be part of your toes on the soles. For enhanced assist, place cushions below each knees. Your palms can both be stretched overhead or positioned beside you. One other various is to position unfold them on the perimeters or bend them on the elbow.

Loosen up your physique on this pose by taking gradual deep breaths. 

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

The Savasana is the last word stress-free pose that’s typically carried out on the finish of any yoga session or in transition between poses. On this pose, you are likely to really feel all of the sensations put up a yoga session and launch all the stress of your thoughts and physique.  It could appear a easy pose however protecting nonetheless is likely one of the largest challenges.  

With added assist, you possibly can simply transcend right into a deep state of tranquility!

Place a bolster on one finish of the mat and a folded blanket/towel on one other finish. Lie down in order that the again of the knees is supported by the bolster and your neck and head come on the blanket. Place your palms in your chest, at your sides, or unfold outwards, whichever place feels comfy to you.

On this place, you may as well add slight weights in your thighs, stomach, pelvis, or chest by way of a sandbag or a heavy folded blanket.

How does a typical Restorative Yoga class seem like?

Now that you’ve got understood the fundamentals of Restorative Yoga, here’s a transient on what to anticipate in a yoga class.

To start with, you could carry out a gradual respiratory pranayam to get your thoughts and physique to chill out. The teacher will let you already know the form of props that you’ll want for the session and may additionally inform you the variety of poses you’ll be performing.

You can even anticipate the teacher to play smooth stress-free music and dim the lights to induce a soothing and calming setting.

It is best to all the time hold an additional layer of clothes corresponding to a sweatshirt or socks with you as a result of there’s a excessive probability of you feeling slightly chilly throughout the session. You can even use blankets to cocoon your self whereas training a pose.

Relying on the length of every pose, you can be performing 5-6 poses in the course of 75 to 90 minutes of sophistication. 

Your instructor will information you into the poses, make you focus in your respiratory, and typically instruct you thru a meditative state. Even should you go to sleep, don’t worry. This solely implies that your Parasympathetic Nervous System has been activated.

On the finish of the session, you could carry out a fast meditation or take a couple of deep breaths to make you conscious of the discharge of the stress from the physique. You’ll really feel mild and refreshed as if a weight has been lifted.


Identical to you want a trip to de-stress, your physique additionally requires a time-out. Restorative Yoga could be a trip to your physique. Although it could be for less than 1-1.5 hours per day, its results will likely be seen for months to come back. Dedicate a while to nurture and love your physique and thoughts, they may certainly thanks for the trouble that you’ve got put in.



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